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Photo Radar

The fine attached to photo radar tickets continue to increase, costing road users hundreds of dollars when dealing with this type of automated offence.


Photo Radar captures a photograph of a speeding vehicle once it enters the radar beam. Upon exiting the “beam”, your vehicles speed is calculated and should it exceed the posted speed limit for that specific location, an audible alarm is set off and a photo is subsequently taken.

The ticket / offence notice is mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle and not the individual that was operating that vehicle on the day in question. As such, there are NO DEMERIT POINTS associated to these automated enforcement tickets. Furthermore, your driving record is NOT affected by automated enforcement tickets and therefore your insurance will NOT be impacted.

You have two options: you can either pay the fine in full or let X-Copper handle your matter for you.

Our experienced team of lawyers and paralegals will meet with the Crown and negotiate the fine on your behalf.

Guarantees are unfortunately a myth in this industry as there are far too many variables that cannot be predicted prior to your first court date. However, when it comes to photo radar infractions, we can offer you a guarantee…

The negotiated fine reduction and our fees for representation will not be higher than the original fine you are currently facing.

Do not take a day off work to go dispute this yourself and wait hours in line… let X-Copper handle this for you!

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